Windows File Dialog Utility

Quick Access Folders & Files 2.2

Quick Access Folders & Files 2.2: Desktop enhancement and File Dialog Utility will help you Quick Access resource dialog boxes to display the folders and files as a pop-up menu. Select the appropriate menu item to jump to the corresponding path or open the selected file in the File Dialog. In explorer, all files and folders are listed by the physical locations at which they are placed. However in Quick Access Folders & Files, you could place folder/file anywhere without increasing extra storage space. (all objects in it are stored through links) .A folder/file

Access Folders 2.11: Access Folders is an utility that provides fast access in your Open/Save dialogs
Access Folders 2.11

Windows enhancement that keeps all of your directories and sub-directories within easy reach. The program integrates into Windows` standard Save As/Open dialogs which are used by most applications. By right-clicking the question mark (?) button at the top-right hand side of this window, the program`s menu pops-up to provide access to favorite folders. You can select a folder and the dialog will immediately jump to the directory. Access Folders really

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QuickFolders 3.5.0

File dialog. So, you will see a list of recently visited folders and opened or saved files and a list of favorite folders just right-clicking in any place of dialog`s title bar or pressing ALT+SPACE keys. QuickFolders also adds a special button into the Open and Save File Dialogs. Click this button to gain the access to QuickFolders` menus. You can access this menu within both Standard Windows and MicrosoftR Office family Open and Save dialogs. With

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Vanga Rengi Mangaro Patch for Windows to use Filesystem Dialogs instead of default file dialogs.
Vanga Rengi Mangaro

utility to replace Windows`s default file open, save and folder selector dialogs with the enhanced Filesystem Dialogs. Filesystem Dialogs`s purpose is to provide the most powerful user-friendly file and folder selection options and simple file managament tools for the session. Features: . All window/column position/size (sorting) settings are saved for every application and/or you can choose to always use your favourite dialog settings . Very hiqh

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WFil2PRN - Windows File Printer 1.01: A utility to copy data files directly to the printer
WFil2PRN - Windows File Printer 1.01

Windows` utility designed to copy raw data files directly to a printer. It is primarily for users who need to print text files, log files, and PCL files, etc. WFil2PRN allows you to:- * use multiple wildcarded file pathnames, * browse to select individual file sets, * send the output to any Windows` printer (USB, local, networked, etc.), * display a list of installed printers, * resize and reposition the dialog - even on multi-monitor systems, *

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Direct Folders 3.71: Quick access to your favorite/recent folders and files.
Direct Folders 3.71

File Open/Save dialog box, which brings up a menu. Total Commander and DirectoryOpus are also supported. Select a favorite or recent folder from this menu and the file dialog immediately jumps to that folder. If you activate this menu from the desktop or tray icon, this folder will be opened in the Windows Explorer (or another file manager of your preference). Direct Folders actions when the file dialog opens: - Resizes the file dialog box. - Sets

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Windows Backup File Restore Utility 5.7: Windows backup file restore utility to restore corrupt Windows backup data
Windows Backup File Restore Utility 5.7

Windows backup files. By using BKF file restore tool, users can successfully implement Windows corrupt backup repair process and Windows XP system restore process after proper scanning on the corrupt BKF files available in the backup system. Our Windows backup restore software supports almost all Windows Operating System: ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows backup file restore utility provides easy user interface with

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